Environmental Policy

Essex Tube Windings Ltd aims to ensure that it’s manufacturing operations have a minimal impact on the earth’s resources and as such we endeavour to operate within the following boundary’s.

Essex Tube Windings will always manufacture cardboard tubes from 100% reclaimed fibres; these reclaimed fibres will primarily be kraft produced in farmed sustainable forests.

The tubes will be formed and glued using water based PVA emulsion glue or similar.

All waste produced in the manufacturing process will be segregated with waste cardboard material being bailed to return into the supply chain via a pulp mill.

All other dry waste which is not recyclable will be disposed of under licence by a designated waste disposal operator.

No Liquid waste will be produced during the manufacturing process.

Staff will make every effort to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum during the manufacturing process and management will oversee an efficient production pattern to ensure changeover waste is kept to a minimum.

Where possible consumable packaging will be recycled unless the item is no longer serviceable at which point Essex Tube Windings Ltd will dispose of the packaging via a sustainable route where possible.

Kevin Topliss

MD Essex Tube Windings Ltd